Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a guy living in a big city. I love films, stories, people's stories. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by checking out their DVD/BluRay/book collection - I am a filmmaker and festival curator - I love what I do and try to better it every day.

Tell us a bit about your all-time favourite movie(s).

My favourite films are movies that raise questions in the viewer, stories that leave you 'wanting for more' - thought-provoking stuff. Aronofsky does that very well - Black Swan is one of my favourite films and probably my favourite of his. I love the quirky surrealism of Charlie Kaufman (both as a writer and director) - Anomalisa and Being John Malkovich are two of his films I love the most. I grew up watching David Lynch's films and my favourite ones are Lost Highway & Mullholland Drive for a multitude of reasons - too many to mention! He's simply magical.

What is the story behind your festival?

I started Shorts On Tap to facilitate a dialogue amongst filmmakers in London - I wanted to create a space where we could watch short films and chat about them in total freedom - Having a conversation, connecting with one another as creatives was always at the centre of our concept.

What makes your festival unique?

Its versatility - the fact that we screen films all-year-round covering all sorts of themes and subjects. It's a very dynamic formula.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

Mainly financial!

What kind of films/audiovisual content are you looking for?

We're constantly looking for high quality short films covering a range of subjects - at present we'd like to see more films from South Asia and Far East Asia.

What makes you turn down a film?

Shorts On Tap is a festival run by filmmakers so our selection criteria is centred on qualitative aspects of the films - the way a short is written and shot, the direction, acting, cinematography... these are key elements we look at when selecting a short.

Do you have any tips for filmmakers/content creators?

Surround yourself with positive people who you click with - create a synergy with your team - this will show in your content.